Chevrolet 210 Del Ray – Googie Style Story


For the story about Goggiestyle architecture we had a stunning 1955 Chevrolet Two-Ten Delray, in the colour combination Harvest Gold/Indian Ivory. ⁣In Los Angeles we visited several architectural Googiestyle icons with this car.We met Terry at the legendary Chips Restaurant, near LAX. Completed in 1957, it still has all the original furnishings. It’s really how I always imagined an original diner. Our next stop was at Randy’s Donuts. The donut on the roof is the absolute hit! It was pretty hard to catch a moment without other cars or donut lovers. Nevertheless I did not eat anything that I noticed afterwards…Before going to LAX, our last stop was probably at the most famous Googie Style Diner, the Pann’s coffee shop. Unfortunately it was not open. So we could talk to Terry in peace and quiet. Within one day we heard great stories and got to know unique architecture. He showed us the history and restoration process of his Chevy. A petrolhead like him always carries the album in his trunk.Special thanks to Terry Williams for his willingness to explore with us the craziest space age buildings.